The future of music – Edwin E. Gordon

The future of music – Edwin E. Gordon2017-09-08T10:44:09+00:00

Project Description

Edwin E. Gordon in Italy: the future of music (ITA/ENG), AIGAM 2016

In this short documentary (con sottotitoli in Italiano) Edwin E. Gordon, Researcher, Author and creator of Music Learning Theory, tell us about his life, the reasons he started 13 y.o. to study music, the starting of his research in Music Education and many other interesting things about his pedagoy and life. With him great musicians (Stefano Bollani), Composers (Roman Vlad), Musicologists (Pierluigi Petrobelli), Pedagogists (Grazia Fresco Honegger) and the founder of AIGAM (Associazione Italiana Gordon per l’Apprendimento Musicale) Andrea Apostoli.